ECCO Design Principal Eric Chan Receives Top Design Award from Hong Kong Design Center

December 14, 2010

Eric Chan, founder and director of ECCO Design, a leading New York design consultancy firm, received the World's Outstanding Chinese Designer (WOCD) award at the Hong Kong Design Center (HKDC) on December 3, 2010. The HKDC also honored British inventor and entrepreneur, James Dyson with its Design Leadership Award.

Chan accepted the award from Victor Lo, Chairman, HKDC Board of Directors. The WOCD honors talented designers of Chinese heritage who have displayed superb ability, attained great achievements within their own discipline, and devoted themselves to the furthering of design. According to Mr. Lo, "We seek to enlighten the world of the outstanding achievements and individuals of our community and, ideally, inspire future generations to come."

Chosen by a panel of judges of design academics, professionals, and prominent industry members, the WOCD is not given annually, but rather, only when the honor is deemed fitting. While Chan's award was given for his body of work, the designer's recent project "9707 Bamboo Chair," sponsored by Herman Miller, was acknowledged as a standout achievement. Designed to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China and made from sustainable bamboo, the ergonomically designed chair celebrates both China's heritage and commitment to modernity.

For Chan, who has received many prestigious citations, including the IDEA Awards from US, Red Dot from Germany and GoodDesign Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum, the WOCD is deeply significant. "Creating product that is meaningful, responsive, and imparts a sense of cultural relevancy are personal priorities. My journey from China to the United States has been rich and fulfilling over the last 30 years and this award embraces these aspirations fully. I am truly grateful to be recognized in such a meaningful way," says Chan.

About the Hong Kong Design Center
Established in 2001, the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) is a non-profit organization funded by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government to promote good design and establish Hong Kong as a centre of design excellence in Asia.
HKDC organizes seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and conferences including the annual Business of Design Week (BODW) each December with the purpose of promoting the awareness of the value of design. The HKDC also gives out awards each year known as the "HKDC Awards" to encourage good design in the Asia region.

About Eric Chan and ECCO Design
Founded by Eric Chan in 1989, ECCO Design is a global leader in the design industry. The company specializes in identifying unmet user needs, and in pinpointing behavioral shifts instigated by emerging technologies—or vice versa. ECCO focuses on developing product strategies and concepts for emerging technologies; designing products with adjustable and controllable features and creating elegant product profiles to enrich the user experience. The firm has gone on to work with companies in every major consumer segment, including: Herman Miller, Virgin, Toyota, Lexus, LG Electronics, Best Buy, SC Johnson Wax, among others

Born in Guangzhou, China, Eric Chan graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1976 with a degree in Industrial Design and then went on to pursue a Master's Degree from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art. I.D. Magazine named Chan among the 40 most influential designers in the U.S. and Business Week hailed him as "One of the new breed of ingenious American designers that is making the world take note." He has served as juror for Industrial Design Excellence Awards and CES Awards for Industrial Design and was listed by Contract Magazine listed among the country's 10 most influential designers. In 2009, Chan received the World Technology Award from the World Technology Network, a global community of peer-elected individuals and organizations from the science and technology communities.