Herman Miller, Inc., Announces the Twist LED Task Light by Yves Béhar

June 08, 2009

Herman Miller, Inc., the office furniture manufacturer that strives for a better world around you, introduces Twist, a new LED undershelf light designed by Yves Béhar.

Twist is Herman Miller's new, energy-efficient, eco-friendly undershelf LED light for systems furniture that provides value, simplicity, and personal control for office workers.

The company's problem-solving approach to invent solutions that improve the human experience comes from its passion for the health and well-being of its customers and employees. Designing products with consideration for their environmental impact remains a central corporate strategy.

Béhar is the founder of fuseproject, an integrated design firm dedicated to the development of the emotional experience of brands through story-telling.

The collaborative relationship between Béhar and Herman Miller began with the groundbreaking energy-efficient LED technology in the Leaf personal light. Béhar describes his lighting design projects for Herman Miller as a "fusion of technology with humanity." For a company like Herman Miller, he is a key innovation partner who understands the mix of problem-solving and creativity. He is also the designer of the Ardea personal light.

"New technologies are driving a fundamental shift in the way people think about lighting," says Béhar. "With LEDs in particular, their incredible efficiency, extremely small form factor and minimal maintenance requirements are changing the way people conceive of, design, and integrate lighting into the built environment." States such as California are advocating new regulations to enforce higher energy efficiency standards in the workplace, and other states will soon follow suit. Worldwide, new legislation will drive large scale interest in efficient office lighting solutions, both for new construction as well as retrofit projects.

Twist offers low power consumption and low maintenance, achieved through LED chips. It delivers an appropriate amount of light with 40-50 percent less energy consumption than traditional undershelf lighting sources. It supplies 60,000 hours of light, or 24 years of light (at 10 hours per day for a five-day work week). And it's recyclable at end of life.

"With its reduced energy consumption and lack of hazardous materials, Twist can help organizations achieve LEED certification. Low energy consumption decreases facilities and maintenance costs and reduces CO2 levels, which positively impacts the environment," says product manager Matt Sall.

With its sleek, refined form, it was designed to reduce waste throughout its life cycle—requiring minimal packaging and allowing for more efficient shipping methods. And it is easy to specify and install: It comes in one size and one color, with a simple magnet fixture for attaching under a shelf.

Employers are realizing that creating flexible, individually-customizable environments empower people, increase job satisfaction and ultimately boost productivity. Twist empowers workers to control the light's position (with its easy-to-move magnets) and the light's angle (with its intuitive tab adjustment)—a significant benefit with the rise of Computer Vision Syndrome—an increasing ergonomic issue caused by glare generated on backlit surfaces.

Twist demonstrates Herman Miller's leadership in innovation, performance, and sustainability by using fewer raw materials and providing a lighting solution that's efficient to operate and maintain. Its design is compatible with all Herman Miller and most competitive office furniture systems.

Twist has a list price of $369 and carries a 5-year warranty.

About Herman Miller, Inc.
Herman Miller works for a better world around you-—with inventive designs, technologies, and related services that improve the human experience wherever people work, heal, learn, and live. Its curiosity, ingenuity, and design excellence create award-winning products and services, resulting in more than $2 billion in revenue in fiscal 2008. Innovative business practices and a commitment to social responsibility have also established Herman Miller as a recognized global company. In 2009, Herman Miller was again cited by FORTUNE as both the "Most Admired" in its industry and among the "100 Best Companies to Work For" in America, while Fast Company named Herman Miller among the innovative "Companies to Watch." Herman Miller trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol MLHR.