Herman Miller's Health-Positive Designs Help People Feel Better and Work Better at ErgoExpo 2011

November 28, 2011

Herman Miller, Inc., and their Thrive Portfolio of ergonomic solutions introduce a complete set of health-positive designs that satisfy multiple working styles at the 2011 National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov. 30-2. These designs focus on three main working styles: Resident worker, Mobile worker, and Flex worker. Proper solutions can be seen in the Herman Miller booth (#126) in the Forum Ballroom.

Herman Miller understands that health-positive designs improve people's health, comfort, connection, productivity, organization and satisfaction, which ultimately helps them feel better and work better. Research has shown that different workers have different needs, and therefore individual solutions should lend themselves to a particular working style.

"There are many dimensions that help define distinct worker types," said Bill Dowell, Herman Miller's Corporate Ergonomist. "One of the most important is the length of time a person needs to be in their office every day. The time dimension determines the type of work tools we use, our prolonged computer use, and ultimately our working postures. By categorizing worker types, Herman Miller can make informed suggestions about the type of solutions that different workers need to create a health positive working environment."

Resident Worker
A resident's work is primarily computer-focused. This style of worker is typically at his or her desk more than six hours per day for four-to-five days a week. Sit-to-stand work surfaces and chairs with maximum personalization provide workers with optimal ergonomic support while also allowing them to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day.

Mobile Worker
A mobile worker is typically on the go and works in one location less than two hours per day for one-to-three days a week. They often do not "own" an assigned space and are best served with a fixed height work surface and a chair designed to be comfortable with minimal adjusting.

Flex Worker
A flex worker is a mix between a mobile worker and a resident worker. This individual typically works at an assigned space between three-to-five hours per day for four-to-five days per week. Flex workers are at their desks enough to need seated height adjustable work surfaces and a work chair that offers full personalization.

"We've been studying ergonomics for 50 years and continue our commitment to developing research based solutions," said Wayne Baxter, Lead for Herman Miller's Thrive Portfolio. "ErgoExpo allows us to demonstrate how our portfolio of health-positive designs can help everyone work, and feel better."

Visitors to the Herman Miller booth at the Ergo Expo will be able to enter to win a complete Herman Miller Thrive work station, including a height-adjustable Envelop desk, Embody chair, Flo monitor arm, foot pillow, and an Ovelo task light from Herman Miller's alliance partner, Luxo.

About Herman Miller, Inc.
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