Performance Environments

Performance environments

The Performance Environments solution is a holistic approach that bundles services we deliver to customers to improve the performance of their spaces. Our Performance Environments approach is designed to provide your organization with a great space that works for employees while controlling real estate costs.

Performance Environments balances the realities of efficiency and effectiveness to accomplish significant cost savings, optimize utilization and occupancy, and create effective human-centric environments that allow people to perform at their best.


Visioning reveals the way to achieve key outcomes. Using a patented group brainstorming technique, we help you visualize your ideal work environment, get consensus on that vision, and establish a plan to get there.

Space Utilization Services
Our Space Utilization Service collects accurate occupancy data through unobtrusive sensors. We evaluate the data and recommend how you can realign your space for better results.

Place Mapping & Financial Modeling
We combine qualitative inputs and quantitative analysis to help you create the best space plan for your needs. With our financial modeling tool, we test space plans and their financial implications for more informed decision making.

Change Management
To help you manage change and achieve your business objectives, we provide support from the strategic to the tactical. The goal is to transform change into an opportunity for improving the organization.

rePurpose Program
Our rePurpose program gives new life to furniture your organization no longer needs. The assets go to deserving non profits. You might be eligible for tax benefits. Plus, you keep waste out of landfills, helping the environment.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation
We conduct research to measure the effects of workplace design features on business outcomes as well as employee performance and behaviors. The data can demonstrate results and inform continuous improvement.

Performance Environments addresses the need for real estate that works harder. Everyone is under pressure to make their organizations perform better and to save money. We can help you achieve both.

Dyer, Riddle, Mills, & Precourt, Inc.
H+L Architecture
Hylant Group of Ann Arbor
Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates Inc.
Time Warner Cable, Ohio
Time Warner Cable, Wisconsin
Vancouver Aquarium

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