Small and Medium Business


You need an office that works for you. At Herman Miller, we give you well-designed, quality, customized choices for your office.

We provide a smooth, efficient, and satisfying experience for you during the entire process—from our designated partners designing your space to making the best selections in seating, desking, and work tools.

We build your office, you build your brand, choosing with confidence based on our expert advice so you can get on with your work.

Learn more about the benefits you can receive with our Small and Medium Business program.


For you and your people to do their best, your office has to perform. We do that with straightforward choices that keep prices down.

We know our products and how well they deliver. We are reliable,  tracking performance for being on-time, accurate, and complete—and averaging a score of 99%+. And we understand the ever-changing needs of business.

We combine all these factors to unlock the efficiencies, comfort, and style of your office, so you can stay focused on what you do best.


Your office needs to attract and keep the best talent, creating a vibrant place that helps people create and thrive.

We partner with you to provide the solutions you need, as well as the resources and ongoing support that will help you carry your business into the future.

We assist you every step of the way—from producing a design that supports your office culture to ensuring timely, quality installation to ongoing, personalized service throughout your furniture’s lifespan.