Healthcare spaces have the potential to transform how caregivers work and patients feel. These CEU courses explain how those spaces can start to realize that potential.


  • Big Care in Small Spaces
  • Caring for Caregivers: Process and Facility Redesign
  • Designing for the Evolving Outpatient Care Process: PCMH Models
  • Enhancing Safety through Design
  • Enhancing Staff Retention and Patient Satisfaction through 8 Healthcare Flows and Innovative Design
  • Evidence-based Design: Improving the Human Experience in Healthcare Environments
  • Green, Lean and Adaptive Healthcare Environments
  • Healthcare Architecture and Design: Clinical Laboratory Department
  • Healthcare Architecture and Design: Pharmacy Department Program
  • Holistic Medicine: The Continuum of Care
  • Lean Clinic Simulation
  • Lean Deep Dive
  • Lean Design in Healthcare Facilities
  • Outpatient Clinic Challenges and Trends
  • Planetree: The Story of Patient-centered Care and the Healing Environment
  • The Emergency Department: Form Follows Function

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