Process Overview

Getting Started

Step 1 – Use a graphic designer and gather images
We encourage you to use a graphic designer or someone knowledgeable in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to prepare your images. You can use your own graphic designer, a design firm, or an independent designer. Your Herman Miller dealer may also offer design capabilities. If you do not have access to a graphic designer, please contact brian_baker@hermanmiller.com

Step 2 – Image Numbers
Once you determine the number of designs, product type, and sizes they will be applied to, the dealer will get the image numbers. One image number per design will be handed out. The dealer then passes on the image numbers, product types, and sizes to the graphic designer. They will use the image numbers when naming their files. The dealer will use the image numbers when ordering. To contact the COM department call 888 443 4357 ext. 3400 (Option 2) or e-mail com_team@hermanmiller.com

Step 3 – Download Templates & Instructions
The graphic designer downloads the product templates and instructions PDF from the website. The templates have a blank white background and are the exact size and resolution for each product screen (100 dpi). They are prenamed with product code and product size with space for the image number. Please note that the template dimensions reflect the fabric screen size, not the product size. For example, the product size for a 69x60 boundary screen is 69" high by 60" wide. However, the fabric screen (template size) is 55" high by 54.7" wide. See the instructions for the list of boundary screen template dimensions.

Step 4 – Prepare, Save & Submit Images
Open up your templates in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and paste in your photos, artwork, or graphics. Detailed steps for placing photos and vector graphics are in the graphic designer instructions. Files are saved as high quatlity JPGs or TIFFs and named by simply adding the image number to the template file name. The images are submitted either by burning and mailing in a CD or uploading to our FTP site. See the instructions for more details.

Step 5 – Price and Order Images using Vary Easy
The images are approved by the COM team and put into the print queue. The dealer is notified when the images are ready to be ordered. Images are ordered by the dealer using Vary Easy on Kiosk.