Earth-Friendly Fabrics

Herman Miller fabrics represent major steps forward in Herman Miller's journey to sustainability. Herman Miller fabrics are now developed within the rigors of the Design for Environment (DfE) protocol to ensure we make the best decisions possible for people and the environment.

100 percent recycled polyester
Herman Miller offers a number of fabrics that are composed entirely of recycled polyester. Since most polyester is made from petroleum products, recycling reduces the demand for petroleum and causes less impact on the environment.

Compostable, optimized wool textiles
Flannel, Loft, and Noble from Pendleton Woolen Mills are 100 percent wool and 100 percent compostable. Their chemical content is optimized for material health and safety.

This technique is used with chair fabrics to minimize waste.

Solution dyeing
Fabrics that undergo this process yield less waste than other coloring techniques and use less energy.

Recyclable fabrics
A fabric must be composed of a single material to be recyclable. Most of the current fabric offerings meet this criterion.