Earth-Friendly Finishes

Herman Miller minimizes the environmental impact of the manufacturing process in a number of ways--including using finishes that don't pollute the air.

Water-Based Stains
A switch from solvent- to water-based stains on all standard veneers has yielded greater color consistency and fewer VOCs. This change is in keeping with Herman Miller's commitment to use a complete water-based veneer finishing system.

Powder Coat
Powder-coat finishes have been used on metal parts for some time. This technique eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), makes product renewal and recycling easier, and allows a more streamlined manufacturing process.

Today, powder-coat finishes are also applied on wood work surfaces. Called Formcoat, the powder-coated epoxy is baked onto a medium-density fiberboard substrate for a smooth, seamless, and durable surface.

A state-of-the-art metal finishing system uses autodeposition, a process that uses chemical reactions instead of electrical energy to apply a coating containing no toxic or heavy metals. Autodeposition uses less energy, minimizes solid waste, and yields very low or no VOCs.