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The Herman Miller online Materials Program is a go-to resource for complete and up-to-date information and images for all Herman Miller materials—textiles, finishes, laminates, translucents, woods, and veneers.The website revolutionizes the way you browse and search for materials. You can simultaneously search for materials that satisfy multiple criteria and work on multiple products while seeing results in real time.

The interface is intuitive, so the site is easy to use. Here's how it works.

Materials Program Information
Our Materials Program provides more than just the aesthetic "skin" of our products. Materials are the heart of everything we offer and the foundation of our innovative designs.Honoring Herman Miller's design legacy, the offering is rooted in Charles Eames' concept of "good goods"--purposeful and practical solutions that have integrity, clarity, and honesty. They are appropriate to the use, relevant to people's needs, and environmentally responsible.

Our materials offering is designed to empower your expression. One way is through our broad and purposeful color palette. It provides the range of choices needed for unique solutions, from complex neutrals to vibrant, saturated hues. And it's a global palette, designed to satisfy regional and local tastes.We want you to have fun and enjoy the experience of working with our materials, because we believe that it's not always such serious business. We want your experience to be full of interesting materials, colors, and textures to choose from to create the right design expression, as well as meet functional needs.

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