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  • Ardea personal light receives gold IDEA award in the Home Living category and silver in the Ecodesign category.

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Ardea Personal Light

Product Story

The Ardea are the great herons—those elegant birds with the long, infinitely flexible necks. Inspired by these majestic birds, Yves Béhar designed the Ardea personal light to be infinitely adjustable. Its ingenious neck design lets you direct Illumination right where you need it—on paperwork, a keyboard, or a good book. And like the herons, Ardea is kind to the earth.

Ardea Personal Light

Form Follows Function

Louis Sullivan said it; Ardea embodies it. The lamp's fluid aesthetic is a direct result of its mechanical performance. Flexible hinges at the base and head, continuous with the rigid structure, allow infinite direction of the light and significantly expand both the range of motion and light output. The Ardea neck can extend from a task position of 18-1/2 inches to 34-1/2 inches.

Put it Anywhere

It isn't just the neck that makes the lamp so flexible. A range of attachment brackets allow Ardea to be freestanding or clamped to a work surface, or mounted on Action Office panels or Ethospace and Canvas frames and their tool rails. The compact fluorescent bulb has a reflector for even illumination distribution in any position.

The hinges are continuous with the rigid structure, and the aluminum extrusion is twisted in a new, innovative manufacturing process, giving the design stability, as well as a sculptural, organic flow. Ardea is available in several finishes.

Design Story

San Francisco designer Yves Béhar, of fuseproject, wanted the Ardea personal light to both reflect nature and have a minimal impact on it.

An admirer of Charles and Ray Eames, Béhar decided that he too wanted to collaborate with Herman Miller. "Design is very much at the center of Herman Miller's culture," he says. "So one day I just picked up the phone, called them, and said, 'Let's work together.'" Four years later, we introduced his two brilliantly innovative lighting products, Ardea and Leaf.

Béhar says he's very content designing products for companies who are "looking for departure, change, transformation. I'm continually excited working with people who want to move forward into the future and on to the next generation."