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Looking for the best way to light your office? Don’t look up to the overhead lights; train your view instead on personal lighting.

Giving people control over their lighting helps them stay engaged in tasks longer and avoid fatigue. Beyond upping their performance, personal lighting can also increase energy savings if adjustability is part of the picture. Both are good for business, no matter its size.

In 2010, according to estimates from the Energy Information Administration, buildings were responsible for 41 percent of total U.S electricity consumption, 25 percent, of which, could be attributed to lighting. What’s more, overhead lights can account for as much as 40 percent of your business’s energy bill.

By switching to personal lighting, workers can move effortlessly between paper and electronic tasks, with just the right amount of light they need to see—and see energy costs go down.

Herman Miller offers the right light, exactly where you need it.