Facility Managers, A+D Weigh In on Workplace Trends


Increasing employee engagement is an area of focus for facility management professionals around the world and architects and designers inside the U.S. Those same groups say that “creating a sense of community and belonging” through space is the most popular method of improving employee engagement.

Those are just a few of the findings from our Global Workplace Trends Survey, which included responses from 2,475 facility management professionals inside and outside the U.S. and architect and design professionals inside the U.S.

The survey asked questions about a variety of topics, including workplace design considerations, change drivers, sustainability goals, change management activities, and technology. We also asked about space use. When it comes to the use of group and individual space in the next three years, team/collaborative space will likely increase—at least, according to facility managers outside the U.S. and architects and designers inside the U.S. Facility managers in the U.S., however, anticipate no change in space use in the near future. That same group reported that between 2007 and 2012 group space had increased by 15 percent and individual space had decreased by 15 percent.

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