If These Chairs Could Talk: What Seating Says About a Small Business


The complementary skill sets that Fred Brehm and M. Scott Vogel bring to creative projects make their partnership work. Brehm is founder of Brehm Lab, a digital video production services and post-production shop. Vogel is a director/photographer and Lead Creative of Kingdom of Id, a creative agency.

The two companies have shared the same Brooklyn, New York, studio since 2012. Some elements of the space are still a work in progress, but the question of seating was settled early. They looked to Herman Miller—and nowhere else.

How did the two of you come together?

Vogel: I had a company called Mission, and we recruited Fred as he was just coming out of film school. I was directing commercials at the time, and we just got along so well and he hit everything out of the park. We continued to work together for a while, then I got to a point in life when I needed to make a change, so I moved to Los Angeles.

Brehm: While Scott was out in L.A. I opened this place up and got the post-production business off the ground.

Vogel: In 2012, when I moved back to New York, it was a natural fit for us to work together again. Today, the two companies are almost one and the same. We might approach a client meeting as either Brehm Lab or as Kingdom of Id, based on the project, but we work really closely together on just about everything.

What was the space like when you first moved in?

Brehm: When I signed our first lease on the space, it was divided into three rooms. I rented two of them out to other video editors. Then I got this really big project that was going to require multiple editors, so we rapidly expanded. The other two editors moved out, and we knocked all the walls down.


The Eames Lounge and Ottoman really is a focal point of your space, and each editing bay is equipped with an Aeron chair. What attracted you to those particular Herman Miller products?

Vogel: It’s an attitude thing, especially in the creative space. Furniture really does help communicate who you are, so the next client who walks in is like, ‘They get it,’ as opposed to the people who just go out to the office supply store and bust out some chairs that are going to fall apart in a few weeks.

Brehm: One of the first things I did when I got this space was order the Aeron chairs. I remember one of the guys I originally shared the space with, he literally had a lawn chair at his desk. I couldn’t believe it. Needless to say, he didn’t last very long. Your furniture is like the clothes you wear. You’re projecting who you are and whether you’re taking the work seriously.

Vogel: That’s true. We were working with a pretty well-known cinematographer on a project, and while we were finishing it up, he came up to our space. The first thing he did after he walked in was walk over to the Eames chair, pick up the seat, and look for the Herman Miller label!