Worker Style: Flex

Worker Style: Flex

Health Positive Suggestions

Work surface

  • Seat height adjustable

Chair recommendations

  • Since a flex worker “owns” his or her chair, we recommend chairs that offer maximum personalization, including adjustable arms, seat height and depth, and lumbar support

Work tools

  • Laptop or tablet support, keyboard support, personal task light, CPU holder, multiple monitor supports


  • Personal storage

Power and data accommodations

  • Desk height accessibility to power and data recommended

The flex worker style is one of three styles that we've identified (resident and mobile are the other two). A flex worker is a hybrid. Like a resident, the flex worker works at an assigned office four or five days per week, but only for three to five hours each day. Lindsey Salens, a category marketing manager, is a good example. Here's what she had to say about how she works.

Why do you choose to use this work style?
I am often on the go—running to meetings here and there—but I also spend a lot of time at my desk.

Why does it work for you?
My work style is truly driven by my work. Some days I am in meetings and others I need to simply do heads-down work at my desk. Having the tools that I need when I need them is extremely important.

What is your favorite tool or gadget?
I’m one of those workers who will just get in the "zone.” I’ll get so focused on my work that I don’t listen to my body. Plus I’ve always been a “percher.”  I didn't know that my chair couldn’t give me support unless I sat all the way back in it. So at the end of the day, I used to have all sorts of aches and pains.

Anyway, for me it's all about how everything works together. I do a lot of graphic work so having dual monitors with adjustable arms is very important, but if I didn't have the chair [an Embody] and an Envelop desk to go with it I would still perch at the edge of my seat and still have back and shoulder pain. Now I can sit in many different positions—upright, reclined—and still be supported by my chair. My work isn’t always painless, but now I am always pain free!