Worker Style: Mobile

Worker Style: Mobile

Health Positive Suggestions

Work surface

  • Fixed height

Chair recommendations

  • A chair that is designed to accommodate you without requiring a lot of adjustments to get a comfortable fit

Work tools

  • Laptop or tablet support, keyboard support, personal task light


  • Common area storage

Power and data accommodations

  • Desk height accessibility to power and data recommended

The mobile worker style is one of three styles that we've identified (resident and flex are the other two). The mobile worker is typically on the go, working in one location just one to three days each week for just a few hours a day. Rob Terpstra, our senior merchandising manager, is a good example. Here's what he had to say about how he works.

Why do you choose to use this work style?
A few years ago I had a health-related scare. After that, I wanted to recalibrate how I lived my life—to still do challenging work but also have time to coach my kids’ teams. I save three to five hours a week in commute time by working at home a few days.

Why does it work for you?
My job requires a mix of in-person interactions and interactions with the remote locations I manage. So I plan my “heads down” work and long conference calls for my work-at-home days, and my collaborative work for days I’ll be in the office. I don’t have an assigned workspace, so I can sit anywhere. I decide where to sit based on who I want to “run into” that day, i.e., the people who I need to talk to get my work done.

What is your favorite tool or gadget?
I can work just about everywhere. I don’t need much support, but prefer a Sayl chair because I can get right to work without having to adjust the chair much. I like a space that has desktop-height power. In a perfect world, the space would also have an external monitor, but the reality is that I move around so much it isn’t necessary.