Worker Style: Resident

Worker Style: Resident

Health Positive Suggestions

Work surface

  • height adjustable or sit-to-stand surface that is height adjustable by the person

Chair recommendations

  • Similar to the flex worker style. We recommend chairs that offer maximum personalization, including adjustable arms, seat depth, seat height and lumbar support

Work tools

  • Laptop support or CPU holder, tablet support, keyboard support, personal task light, multiple monitor supports, tool rail


  • Personal storage

Power and data accommodations

  • Desk height accessibility to power and data recommended

The resident worker style is one of three styles that we've identified (mobile and flex are the other two).The resident works at a desk more than six hours a day for four to five days each week. Mark Schurman, our director of External Corporate Communications, is a good example. Here's what he had to say about how he works.

Why do you choose to use this work style?
My work style is largely dictated by the role itself—lots of phone and email, plus considerable writing time, web research, etc., dictate a significant portion of my time at my desk.  Couple that with my history of some physical ailments and I've adapted my station to eliminate stresses and maximize productivity—i.e., a split keyboard, ball mouse, dual monitors, Envelop desk, phone headset, privacy screen for one of my monitors, etc.

Why does it work for you?
The writing and editing work is considerable, so a working recline is ideal, without losing relationship to my input devices and displays.  The input devices ensure I have the maximum performance without risk of ulnar nerve/elbow issues, neck strain (I adopted the headset after years of cradling a phone while simultaneously typing—not a good combo!), carpal tunnel, etc.

What is your favorite tool or gadget?
That's tough but if I had to choose one it's the Envelop desk, for the working recline.  But the ball mouse, split keyboard, headset, dual monitors, privacy screen are collectively very valuable. Really it's the entire 'ergonomic ensemble' that allows me to work at my best.