Ordering Information

As a current or prospective customer, Herman Miller for Government wants to make sure you have the proper ordering and pricing information. If you are unable to determine how to place an order with Herman Miller, Inc., or through one of our dealers please contact us at uscommunities@hermanmiller.com or call toll free 1 866 322 0700 for prompt assistance.

U.S. Communities Purchase Orders

Purchase orders should be made out to the local selling dealer for products offered under the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance agreement. Services are negotiated and quoted directly between the local dealer and the customer per project. The local selling dealer is responsible for typical order management, order acknowledgement, warranty/service and orientation functions.

Register to Participate

Prior to placing an order with your local selling dealer, your organization will need to register online to participate with the U.S. Communities GPA. You can register your organization or confirm that your organization is registered here.