Decentralized Blanket Purchase Agreement: (DBPA) SPM200-12-A-9438

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) are a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies and services. They are "charge accounts" established with Schedule contractors by ordering agencies. BPAs are an easy ordering tool.

"Decentralizing" a BPA allows its use by authorized persons outside of the responsible Contracting Office.

This DBPA is an agreement between The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) and Herman Miller. It pre-approves Herman Miller products for purchase by U.S. Military Medical Treatment Facilities, and uses existing GSA and VA contracts as the basis for pricing. This simplifies and streamlines the order process.

The DBPA can be used by authorized Military personnel in the Air Force, Navy, and Army. A list of authorized facilities is available upon request. Pricing is based upon Herman Miller GSA/VA contacts for products and services. Each quote must summarize the product and list the contracts used.

Orders are placed using DBPA number SPM200-12-A-9438 and a four digit "call" number, which is unique for each order placed. Call numbers are assigned by the authorized DBPA ordering official at each facility.

Terms and discounts are based on the GSA/VA or open market contract used.

Contracts/products available under the DBPA
GS-07F-5623R Laboratory Furniture
GS-28F-8049H Systems Furniture
V797P-4643A Medical Equipment and Supplies (Carts)