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Ambi Chairs

Product Story

Are we talking versatility? We are. The Ambi chair can assume 49 different locking positions. Maximum adaptability for you, your workers, your tasks. There's no need to sacrifice health and comfort to save money. Ambi is a flexible, supportive work chair at a comfortable price.

Ambi Chairs


Yes, people. Ambi can accommodate all of one person's work tasks and movements—and will be just as accommodating if someone larger, or smaller, takes over. One size fits all. With style you can afford. For computer and office work and for meeting rooms.

Ambi Chairs

Fully Adjustable

There's virtually nothing you can't adjust on an Ambi chair. Seat and backrest height. Seat depth. Armrest height and angle. Tilt tension, reclining angle. Does that sound complicated? It's easy and intuitive. All the controls are easy to reach and have identifying icons and raised touch points.

Ambi Chairs

Innovative Tilt

Ambi was designed especially for people who sit at computers—who need to lean forward and back over and over during the day. The CoActive tilt mechanism makes the seat and back move in sync, to align the spine, keep weight distributed evenly, and improve circulation and relax muscles. And the lumbar support stays in position, no matter how you move.

Ambi Chairs

Human-Centered Design

The healthful contours and easy adjustability promote good posture and relaxed muscles—and relaxed muscles keep you from getting tired. The wide, soft armrests are recessed so that you can move in close to a work surface and move your legs freely. The Ambi name comes from the Latin for "both"—both comfort and superior ergonomic support all day, both to help you feel better and be more productive.

Ambi Chairs

Good Looks

All those adjustment mechanisms? They don't interfere with the stylish design. The Ambi has a crisp, clean, streamlined look that works well in any office interior. Lots of color choices. Upholstered or hard outer back shell.

Ambi Chairs


Steel and aluminum components are 100% recyclable. The powder-coat paint finish on most metal components emits negligible VOCs. Up to 87% recyclable at the end of its useful life.


Design Story

Extensive research, innovative design, and exhaustive testing. That's what went into the Ambi chair.

It was designed by Richard Holbrook, whose portfolio includes a wide range of products—from Peugeot cars to Alpine Audio consumer electronics and Yamaha Sports fitness equipment. No matter what he's designing, he tries to bring something extra to the project. For Holbrook, that "something extra" often means less, not more. Holbrook says, "To paraphrase Hemingway, I think life is too short to drink cheap wine, or to be challenged by furniture." So the Ambi chair carries all its adjustability in only a few inviting, clearly labeled controls.

Holbrook then designed the Ambi chair, and he did it entirely with a computer, using 3D modeling technology. To ensure the chair's quality and durability, its performance was measured by parametric modeling, which goes well beyond what testing alone can simulate.

Later in the development process, Ambi prototypes were field-tested and measured against the competition. Also, R&D testing made sure the chair meets today's real world workplace needs. For example, the tilt mechanism was subjected to a minimum of one million cycles—more than five times the ANSI/BIFMA requirements.