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The designers of Studio 7.5 on how
Mirra 2 advances how you sit

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Adjusting Mirra 2

How to tune and use your chair for
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What's In It For You

Mirra 2 Chairs

Together in Motion

As work evolves, and we become more active, flexing from individual to collaborative work in an instant, Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body. When you sit, Mirra 2 adapts to you instantly. Shift, and it dynamically supports even your slightest movements. By rethinking every part of a successful design, we advanced how Mirra 2 moves with you and supports even your slightest movements.

Hybrid Performance

The Mirra 2 Butterfly Back, with its
exceptional responsiveness and
intuitive feel, results from inventing
a method for merging a fabric
layer with polymer veins to create
an intelligent support structure.
This hybrid structure, shaped for
dynamic support, keeps your body
in healthy alignment.

Healthy Alignment

PostureFit supports you at the
base of your back, the sacrum, so
your spine stays properly aligned.
Healthy alignment—the opposite
of slouching—keeps spinal fluid
flowing, which helps prevent back
and neck pain.

Breathable Comfort

Ingenuity is apparent in a seat
design that takes full advantage of
our AireWeave suspension
material. Distributing your body
pressure evenly as soon as you
sit, this material allows airflow to
prevent heat buildup and keep
you cool.

Balanced Feel

A reinvented Harmonic tilt creates
a smooth and balanced feel as
you move from one posture to
another. Designed to mimic your
natural pivot points at the ankles,
knees, and hips, it helps you
maintain a healthy posture.

Lean Profile

The lean design of Mirra 2 brings a sophisticated profile and visual lightness to any space. An emphasis on performance is visible. The chair’s individual components and their function are apparent and celebrated, and vary accordingly in material and appearance.

Multiple Choices

Added selections for textile and back colors along with new options for base finishes increase your range of choices.

Essential Molecules

The quest to make every molecule count led to a dematerialized design—less material used intelligently for a chair that is more responsive to your body, and more responsible to the earth.

Reduced Footprint

Compared to the original design, Mirra 2 contains over 70 percent more recycled content, largely the aluminum in its new tilt design. More recycled content and a 10-pound weight reduction cut the chair's carbon footprint by about 25 percent.

Lasting Legacy

Building on its legacy as the first office chair developed from the ground up using design for the environment principles, Mirra 2 moves sustainable design forward by advancing the use and reuse of materials. Recycled aluminum accounts for about 40 percent of Mirra 2's content, and the chair's base is a prime example of this ingredient. Aluminum in the base's H-Alloy version brings an added benefit: a beautiful finish achieved without using additional coatings.

Design Story

Rethinking an Original

Ten years and over 1.5 million chairs later, the designers of Studio 7.5 believed it was time to evaluate and, if necessary, rethink their original design of the Mirra chair. For one thing, they noted, work is evolving. People move, and the more they're in motion, the more they need support that moves with them.

A Personal Chair

Precisely because of the new agile way people work today, the designers found the idea of a highly individualized personal chair is still valid. While Studio 7.5 retained the athletic attitude and intuitive adjustments of the original, they advanced the material and form of this idea in virtually every aspect of Mirra 2.

“Every Molecule Counts”

In redesigning Mirra, as in all their work, the mantra at Studio 7.5 was "every molecule counts." By this they mean a close examination of every element is essential to using the least material possible while also advancing performance.

Testing Ideas, Full-Scale

Using full-scale models, the designers of Studio 7.5 test the validity of a design and its component parts. For Mirra 2, every piece received this tactile, real-world treatment until the most elegant solutions emerged.