Safe Health Design Learning Academy Pilot Program

Discusses the inaugural session of the Academy, which is the result of our collaboration with Joint Commission Resources.

Environment of Care News, August 2011. Read article.



A Life Cycle Assessment: Comparing Fixed and Modular Structures

Reviews the research findings of a life cycle assessment on the environmental impact of built-in structures vs. modular structures.

Canadian Journal of Green Health Care, Spring 2011.
Read article.


The Pyramid of Caregiver Needs

Explains how caregivers have a distinct set of needs similar to Maslow's hierarchy and how taking these needs into account when designing spaces or products can yield better outcomes for caregiver and patient.

H&HN Weekly, January 31, 2011. Read article.


Guiding Principles: Touchstones that Direct Facility Planning and Building

Discusses the importance of involving clinicians in the creation of a facility's project goals, objectives, and guiding principles.

Nurses First, January/February 2010. Read article.


Better Care by Design: Nurse Involvement Improves Building Projects

Provides an explanation of the building design process from a nurse's perspective and reviews the benefit of early involvement of nursing in the design of hospital facilities.

Nurses First, November/December 2009. Read article.


Caring for Caregivers: Designing Environments for Recruitment and Retention

Part 1: Discusses the sustainable design of healing environments and how this can improve the caregiver experience and influence the quality of care delivery.
Read article.

Part 2: Considers the need for designing sustainable caregiver work environments, in particular, creating places that sustain staff energy, spirit, and productivity.
Read article.

Healthcare Design, August 2009.