Healthcare Environment Specialists

These specialists contribute talents, training, knowledge, and new ways of seeing. Their focus? To increase the performance of your healthcare facilities. They understand the complex relationships in healthcare delivery systems—from patient care to code compliance, from staff retention to construction planning. They translate their expertise into workable solutions for you.

Clinical Strategists
Registered nurse managers with clinical and administrative experience. They help you create clinical environments that enhance staff effectiveness.

Healthcare Application Strategists
Specialists focused on developing creative solutions. They formulate ways to support your changing work processes and procedures.

Healthcare Designers
Credentialed designers with healthcare-related expertise. They work with you on all aspects of facility design and project planning.

Healthcare Sales Consultants
Trained sales team experienced in healthcare environments. They help you coordinate all aspects of facility design and implementation.

Healthcare A&D Specialists
Credentialed architects and designers with clinical experience. They provide education and training from a design perspective.