Get Real - Support Authentic Designs


Herman Miller's partnerships with the world's leading industrial designers, buoyed by ceaseless, careful research and leading-edge manufacturing processes, produce innovative products for home and office.

Herman Miller has been in the vanguard of a growing movement to promote awareness and education of authentic designs. To learn more about the roots of modern design, visit our online exhibit, Discovering Design.

To verify that you are getting a Herman Miller original be sure to:

Check the product.
You know the real thing when you see it. The time-honored design of an authentic piece is something you'd recognize anywhere. Still, you want to be absolutely certain.

Check the source.
Where do you go to find the real thing? Well, if it's a genuine Herman Miller product you want, manufactured according to designer specifications, then simply go to one of our authorized stores.

Check your conscience.
There's no question about it, you want original design, produced by the original manufacturer. Knock-offs don't pay royalties to the original designer, they aren't produced according to designer specifications. And they don't meet our standards of quality and durability. Now go, with a clear conscience, and get the real thing.

What is your furniture worth?
The collectible value of a Herman Miller antique is based in part upon the condition of your piece and demand in the area where it's sold. Herman Miller does not provide appraisal services, but there are many places that can determine the value of your classic furniture. We recommend you look for an appraiser who specializes in American furniture and decorative arts. The link below is provided as a good place to start.

Appraisers Association of America

Download our Modern Classics brochure for vintage and contemporary images of our classic furniture collection.