• Work points are provided for up to 16 people on a team or sharing a project assignment.

  • Multiple postures and work types are accommodated simultaneously and within proximity.

  • The content and context of the work are present for people to share and ideate further.

  • Level of enclosure varies with the character and purpose of the group and work being done.

A Clubhouse is a working neighborhood that generally belongs to a team assigned to a specific, long‑term project.

A variety of individual and group work points with adjustable seating enable people to freely and intuitively cycle between tasks and activities as they use a variety of fixed, mobile, personal, and remote technology. Maintaining proximity and the identity of the team within the Clubhouse helps drive the work that occurs there. A Clubhouse should offer ample surfaces to display and share work in process. This setting has defined edges with porosity for visual access.

_Clubhouse_Herman-Miller_14-03-18_3225 The occupants of this Clubhouse can choose from a variety of adjustable furnishings
that support movement between a range of postures.
_Clubhouse_Herman-Miller_14-03-18_3316 A Clubhouse and adjacent Cove allow individual and group activities to occur simultaneously.
_Clubhouse_EN_LOC_P_20140517_007 In this working neighborhood, people can easily transition between
focused and collaborative work in the same setting.