• Gathering space is provided for groups of two to four people.

  • Digital display supports information sharing.

  • Enclosure varies to suit noise levels and participation in digitally mediated conversations.

  • A Cove is typically placed adjacent to a Hive or Plaza.

A Cove is a compact space within proximity to individual work points or common areas that enables people to assemble and engage with each other for a short period of time.

A Cove may also accommodate participants with provisions for fixed and personal technology. Enough boundary to avoid disrupting others is essential—especially with the addition of technology. People working nearest a Cove are likely to see it as theirs, and they will likely use it more frequently than others.

_Cove_Herman-Miller_14-03-20_3607 In this Cove, digital displays and writable surfaces support information sharing among participants.
_Cove_Herman-Miller_14-03-09_1827 People working in a Hive can relocate to this Cove to continue longer conversations
without distracting the other people working around them.