• Adequate workspace is provided for a group of workstations, typically in multiples of four, six, or eight.

  • Spatial divisions vary according to the character and purpose of the Hive.

  • Comfortable ergonomic provisioning, sometimes including sit-to-stand surfaces, allows people to work and concentrate for greater durations of time.

  • Filing and storage may be provisioned based on the level of residency.

Generally understood as a grouping of workstations, a Hive offers a setting for numerous people to harmoniously engage in individual and collaborative work.

The setting offers a grouping of individual work points and adjustable seating. Variances in spatial division, storage density, and boundary define the character of the space and help nurture the diverse types of work that occur there. Further ergonomic considerations may include the optimal placement of fixed and adjustable technology.

_Hive_Herman-Miller_14-03-21_3729 Variances in spatial division and boundary help facilitate the
diverse types of work that can happen in this Hive.
_Hive_EN_PUB_P_20140601_025 This Hive is a grouping of workstations where numerous people can
harmoniously engage in collaborative and individual work.