• A Landing is a gathering space for two to four people.

  • Landings are located outside of Meeting Spaces and Forums.

  • Landings have furnishings that anchor the space and offer places to perch temporarily.

  • The setting is not enclosed, but boundaries are important to avoid disruption to adjacent spaces.

  • Design cues extending from the adjacent Meeting Space encourage contextual memory.

A Landing is an open perching spot adjacent to Meeting Spaces
or Forums.

Prior to a meeting it provides a space for attendees to interact. After, it takes advantage of the visual continuity between the Landing and its contiguous setting as an aid to contextual memory, to allow purposeful interactions between people to continue. Accommodations that welcome a brief gathering drive the utility of each Landing.

_Landing_Herman-Miller_14-03-10_2046 People may gather around this elegantly appointed Landing before and after meetings.