• Ample room is provided for groups of four to 16 people.

  • Circulation space encourages movement of people and furniture.

  • Sharable vertical surfaces enable information display and idea generation.

  • Multiple postures and variation of furniture enable engagement during longer working sessions.

A Workshop is the ideal setting for people to work together to generate new ideas and drive their
work forward.

It offers easy access to analog and digital tools and surfaces to display and create work. People should always be able to see and hear each other easily—even when participating virtually. A variety of postures and distinct groupings of mobile furniture allow people to choose and arrange how the space best suits their work in the moment. Adequate circulation space encourages movement.

_Workshop_Herman-Miller_14-03-19_3401 This Workshop offers the right setting for a variety of creative activities—from sharing
content on a screen to having a conversation to build content.