What's In It For You

Caper Multipurpose Chair

Product Story

The Caper chair in its multipurpose version—with swivel, tilt, and height adjustment—is made for instances that require a casual yet comfortable place to sit. Working at a desk, gliding over to meet with a colleague, reclining in thought, these and a full range of activities are comfortably undertaken in the Caper multipurpose. Fresh, versatile color choices and a compact scale allow it to add a bit of flair along with practical function to any space.

Caper Multipurpose Chair

Contoured for the Body

Caper’s contoured, molded polypropylene back and seat are perforated, allowing your body to breathe. Moisture and heat dissipate, you remain cool, and enjoy surprising comfort at an equally surprising price.

An optional FLEXNET seat uses advanced materials to increase comfort. Outfitted with this strong suspension material, the seat distributes weight evenly to minimize pressure points and make it more comfortable to sit longer.

Caper Multipurpose Chair

Wholly Comfortable

A flexible plastic endows Caper with a degree of give every time you move. A series of holes in this plastic allows your body to breathe. Moisture and heat dissipate, so you remain cool, even when you’re concentrating so hard you forget to take a break. An optional FLEXNET suspension seat is equally breathable.

Caper Multipurpose Chair

Healthy Support

Caper delivers ergonomic support and healthful comfort with details such as contouring shapes and a waterfall seat edge that helps maintain proper leg circulation. Strong yet flexible arms support the upper body.

Caper Multipurpose Chair

Fresh Style

Caper is available in an array of versatile colors, from vibrant primaries to sophisticated neutrals. The light, clean design of the chairs fits in without dominating the look or feel of your space.

Design Story

The flexible Caper chair, in both its multipurpose version and four-legged stacker, was designed by Jeff Weber of Studio Weber + Associates. His goal, and ours, was affordable seating that's also comfortable and easy to move.

Weber based his design on universal design principles. The result is a chair that accommodates a diversity of people, and just as important, the variety of tasks they do.

Weber believes that design is "the connective tissue" between people and the environment, and that the quality of that design—whether of a building or a chair—has a profound effect on quality of life. The Caper chair, he says, achieves its high level of performance and comfort by "using standard materials in novel ways."

He also believes that good design doesn't have to be expensive. "Too much good design seems expensive," Weber says. "I wanted to break that cliché."