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Everywhere Table

Product Story

These tables work anywhere you decide to use them, so it's logical they'd be called Everywhere tables. Two traits give them their anywhere versatility.

Fine lines—a refined, single aesthetic means they complement any space, bringing unity and visual calm. No boundaries—a simple kit of top shapes and leg styles can be combined in nearly limitless ways. And if these choices aren't enough for you, feel free to create your own because Everywhere tables are easy to customize.

Everywhere Tables

Nearly Limitless Choices

Begin with your table shape. Choose your finish, then select from several leg styles, heights, and finishes. Choose casters or glides. For applications in which power and data access is required through the work surface, Everywhere Tables are compatible with a variety of Logic Power Access Solutions cable management tools and Connect power outlets and data ports.

Everywhere Tables sample floor plan

Tables for Every Application

Working, studying, videoconferencing, lunching—any activity that requires an expansive (or compact) and inviting surface can use an Everywhere table. Why Everywhere in particular? It has fine lines, which means these tables look good in all kinds of places. They have no boundaries, meaning you can mix top shapes, base styles, go with flip top or fixed, casters or glides. The result is an agility that’s right for every application.

Everywhere Tables

Adaptable to Change

Everywhere tables adapt to big changes and small ones. So you can add tables to expand when needed, rearrange them when called for, even store them out of the way when circumstances require it. Whether you're moving or reconfiguring them, use Everywhere tables in different ways to make the most of a new space—or an old one.

Anywhere adaptability also comes through in flexible power and data choices and shapes that work together. Rearrange a conference room into a training center. Group tables to support impromptu gatherings. Separate grouped tables for individual work areas or a place to meet with guests.

Everywhere Tables


Everywhere tables are made of 66 percent recycled materials and are up to 29 percent recyclable at the end of their useful lives. They are also GREENGUARD certified.

The simple kit of 15 parts also provides environmental benefits: Not only is replacing components easy on you, but replacing a part instead of an entire table is easier on the environment.

Design Story

Grand Rapids, Michigan, designer Dan Grabowski grew up understanding the importance of problem-solving. "When my dad needed to create or repair something, he would design a solution and then we would go off together and build it," he recalls. "We built everything from cabinets to apartment buildings. That's how things were done in our house."

He was also drawn to art and modern design. His best friend's father was a car designer whose home was filled with modern art and contemporary furniture. "I decided I wanted to do something that combined my love of art and working with my hands," Grabowski says. "I considered being a sculptor, but then when I was in college, I studied the work of Harry Bertoia (Detroit artist, sculptor, and furniture designer), and that's when it clicked for me, the connection between sculpture and industrial design."

After graduating from The Center for Creative Studies, as Bertoia had done, Grabowski worked on lots of different kinds of projects—power tools for the Sears Craftsman brand, infant care products for Gerber. But his primary focus has always been furniture design. The overriding quality he strives for in everything he does is honesty—solving problems in smart ways using simple, clean, uncluttered lines. "I like the challenge of a good design project, the idea of making something that's more than just a pretty object, incorporating intelligent details that people notice and appreciate."

The Everywhere table line was one of those projects. Grabowski focused on every detail, including one little piece that wouldn't even show unless you turned the table upside down. "To me," he says, "a Herman Miller product needs visual continuity in every single detail, whether it's on the top, the bottom, inside or out."

Grabowski is particularly proud of the Everywhere line because he feels it demonstrates everything he believes in as a designer. "The simplicity of the tables minimizes the visual chaos in active spaces, bringing a sense of calm and order to the room; they are very simple forms but they evoke an emotional response."