Taking Action

Our Progress

Read more about the actions we’re taking to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Diversity in Design Collaborative logo made up of translucent white circles and squares to spell DID on red background.

We initiated the Diversity in Design (DID) Collaborative

DID is a group of companies united by a common belief in the critical role that diversity plays in creating strong, impactful businesses and innovations. DID has come together to create and foster systemic change in increasing diversity in design across fields, with the understanding that such change requires commitment, strategic action, and financial support. Members will design and implement programming aimed to increase opportunity at various points along the educational and employment pipeline, with a focus on teens, college-age design students, and emerging professionals. Learn more at www.​diversityindesign.​com.​

Herman Miller's VP of diversity, equity, and inclusion leaning against wall smiling with arms crossed.

We hired our first Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Herman Miller Group is excited to welcome Cheryl Kern to lead all global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts ahead. Driven by our company strategy, values, and our purpose of “Design for the good of humankind,” Cheryl is engaging us all around the new DEI strategic framework. Her team will focus on identifying DEI priority areas, launching Work Team Leader resources, engaging our manufacturing teams, and reimagining our Global DEI Council.

A group of employees sitting on couches chatting in an office space.

We signed the CEO Action Pledge

In June of 2020, Herman Miller Group CEO Andi Owen signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion (CEO Action) Pledge, joining a cross-industry coalition of leaders committed to advancing diversity and inclusion goals. Being part of this coalition keeps us on the cutting edge of education and opportunities to further our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey.

Three employees sitting on a coach in front of a window talking.

We’re listening and creating space for difficult conversations

Our first step was to listen to our employees and community partners from underrepresented groups. We started a recurring virtual series for our employees called the LENS to amplify their voices and create space for conversation in order to better understand issues of inequity and injustice for marginalized communities. We also held our first global Day of Understanding as a CEO Action for Racial Equity signatory.

Four headshots of employees who were chosen as CEO Action fellows for Herman Miller.

We named four employees to the CEO Action Fellowship for Racial Equity

Four Herman Miller Group employees have dedicated a year of their careers to working with representatives from other CEO Action member companies to address racial equity through public policy. This first class of CEO Action fellows are sharing their learnings with and influencing all areas of the company, from the Board of Directors to their own teams. Externally, they bring their perspectives on pressing topics to the larger CEO Action Group.

A woman kneeling near voting flag with a thumbs up.

We made Election Day our global Day of Purpose

Herman Miller Group now observes US Election Day as a paid day off. We instituted it as our global Day of Purpose, so everyone has an equal chance to vote, and as a community, we can give back to causes important to us.

A young women sitting at a desk working on a computer.

We launched comprehensive bias training

We’re delivering an enterprise-wide educational course focused on mitigating bias. This program entails a practical approach to improving DEI, transforming the quality of our decision-making by teaching strategies to recognize and mitigate bias across our organization. This training is a unique and important way to shape leader behaviors and to increase inclusion and equity.

Four employees standing on a lawn holding an Eames Pride Hang-It-All.

We re-launched our equity teams

We re-envisioned and launched our seven employee resource groups to evolve them as Equity Teams, making them more global and inclusive. The Equity Teams work together to identify and break down inequitable systems that limit success, so everyone can grow and thrive at Herman Miller. Going forward they will focus on increasing their impact to the business and our teams.

A man sitting in an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman with headphones on, viewed from behind.

We continue to support nonprofits with a shared purpose

We continue to donate 1.5% of our pre-tax corporate profits through Herman Miller Cares, and we are intentionally seeking out nonprofit organizations that share our commitment to making positive change in our communities. We recently supported a targeted group of organizations focused on making the design industry more equitable and inclusive, and we’ll continue to align ourselves with those organizations that share our passion for equity and justice.

Two women in an office space looking at content on a tablet.

We’re being more intentional about our career development programs

We are taking a more intentional approach to marketing our summer internships to underrepresented student groups so that they have an equitable chance to join our workforce. We also added career development liaison roles to bring development opportunities to manufacturing team members, implemented a global coaching and development program with peer coach pairing, and continue to offer education reimbursement.