Job Openings
To view available jobs, select All Open Jobs. The list that appears includes all open positions at Herman Miller locations worldwide. You can use the Sort by dropdown menu box on the page to narrow the list by selecting location, posting date, or job title. You can also narrow the list by choosing the Job Search tab. The page that appears allows you to specify multiple criteria to help you find the specific jobs that meet your needs.

First-time Visitor?
If this is your first visit to our site and you have found a job in our system that you would like to apply for, select "Apply", then "New User". You will be asked to create an account and can then apply for the job you're interested in and save your application in our system. You can also set up an account to receive notifications of job openings that match your profile as they become available. To create your account, select "New User" on the Login page and follow the instructions.

Returning applicants can view submitted job applications and update their profile information at any time.

Current Herman Miller employees can also manage their profiles and see job opportunities available to them.

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An e-mail address is required to create an account with us. You can set up a free e-mail account at, or

Need Help?
Contact the Careers Hotline at 616 654 3771 or

Herman Miller is committed to diversity and inclusion. We are an equal opportunity employer.