our press releases to learn more about how we are improving the human experience wherever people work, heal, learn and live.Adobe Experience ManagerGeiger Introduces Loophole Occasional Tablesnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Introduces Canvas Office Landscape, A Holistic Workspace Platform that Provides Choice, Harmony, and Connectionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Launches Tuxedo Component loungenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Sotto Executive Chair Debutsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Furnishing Furthers Design Flexibility For Healing Spacesnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Miller NeoCon Lounge Fosters "Working Together"noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Herman Miller, Inc., Success Strikes Twice for Compass Systemnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Miller's Sayl Chair Awarded IDEA Silvernoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller Brings Analytical Approach to Higher Education Designnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Miller Revisits Classics to Offer New Choicesnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Honored for Sustainable Performance and Community Commitmentnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Postal Service Honors Former Herman Miller Design Director, Gilbert Rohde, With Forever Stampnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Expands Ergonomic Lighting Offering with Luxo Alliancenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller to Become Exclusive Distributor of Magis in U.S. and Canadanoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff Make Healthy Strides With Latest Introductionsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller, Inc., Honored for Operational Excellencenoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller's Award Winning Sayl Chair Makes NeoCon Debutnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff Win Best of NeoCon for Providing Healthcare Oasisnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller's Designs, Brands, and Spaces Reveal the Power of "Working Together" at NeoCon 2011noemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller Brands Capture Multiple Awards at NeoConnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq 2011 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Created the World of the Collaborative Executivenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Aluminum Group Recognized with ICFF Editors' Choice Awardnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Select Program Announces Newest Editionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Offers New Perspective on Design Classicsnoemail@noemail.orgkraifo Miller Healthcare Helps Emerging Architects Build Futurenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller and Theater Solutions, Inc. Bring Fixed-Seating to Campusnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Selected for SAM "Sustainability Yearbook 2011"noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Goes Beyond the Classroom as Collaborative Hub Zones Expandnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller's Flo Monitor Arm Receives International Red Dot Award for Product Designnoemail@noemail.orgyatish_kotekeriyana@hermanmiller.com Miller Again Tops Contract Furniture Industry in FORTUNE's 'Most Admired' Companies Surveynoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller to Partner with Italian Manufacturer Mattiazzinoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller, Inc., Receives Perfect Score for Fourth Consecutive Year in Corporate Equality Index Rankingnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller's Sayl Chair Earns Inaugural Core77 Design Award noemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller Asks College Students, 'Where's Your Hub?'noemail@noemail.orgrsagjy Miller "Better World" Report Highlights Supplier Diversity Gains, Among Multiple Achievementsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq 2011 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgkraifo Miller Reports Significant Sales and Order Growth; Operational Progress in the First Quarter of FY2011noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller, Inc., Receives Ongoing Industry Recognition for its Compass Systemnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Miller's Sayl Chair Receives IDA "Product Design of the Year"noemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller and MASS Design Group Partner for a Better Worldnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 21st Century Classroomsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Teams Up with UICA and ArtPrize to Work with Youthnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller, Inc., Named 2011 'Corporation of the Year' by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Councilnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Highlights Progress Toward "A Better World" at Greenbuild 2011noemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller Reports Strong Profit Improvement; Continued Growth in the First Quarter of FY2012noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq 2011 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Reports Strong Finish to FY2011; Improved Operating Leverage in the Fourth Quarternoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Strong Sales and Earnings Growth; Strategic Progress in the Third Quarter FY2011noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller's Health-Positive Designs Help People Feel Better and Work Better at ErgoExpo 2011noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Recognized as Industry Leader on Climate Counts 2011-2012 Scorecard Reportnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq and Girls Club of America Teams with Local Design Firms and Herman Miller to Bring Holiday Cheer to Disadvantaged Youthnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Receives Perfect Score for Fifth Consecutive Year in Corporate Equality Index Ratingnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Strong Sales and Earnings in the Second Quarter of FY2012noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Recognizes Herman Miller Top Furniture Brand in Seating, Systems, Healthcare, and Environmental Sustainabilitynoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Once Again Selected for SAM Sustainability Yearbooknoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Asks College Students, ‘What Makes Your Campus Green?’noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Recognized For Empowering Women in the Workplacenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Introduces Exclusive Collection by Luna Textilesnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller’s Thrive Portfolio Adds 360-The Latest in LED Lighting from Luxonoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Planned Strategic Investments, Strong Cash Flow in the Third Quarter of FY2012noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Completes Acquisition of POSH Office Systems, Ltd.noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Collection Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgkraifo Miller and VanderWall Brothers Concrete Team Up to Make a Better Worldnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Herman Miller Collection to Pop in NYC Shop During Design Weeknoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Starts at Work: Herman Miller Redesigns Campus Philly noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq 2012 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgkraifo Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff Use Power of Space to Transform How to Work, Think and Heal in Healthcare Settingsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Tomorrow's Classrooms: Herman Miller and North Central College Present Keys to Effective Learning Spaces at NeoConnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller’s Thrive Portfolio Offers Flexibility & Choice with New Ergonomic Technology Support Solutionsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Enhances Choice and Harmony in Small Group Settings with Canvas Group-Basednoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller’s AGL Table Group Elevates Form and Functionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Uncommon Visionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Herman Miller Collection: Authentic Modern Design for How We Live and Work Todaynoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Displays Inspiring Ways to Weave Community in the Workplace at NeoCon 2012noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Brands Recognized with Multiple Awards at NeoCon 2012noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Strong Fourth Quarter Operating Results; Announces Dividend Increasenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Earns Multiple IDEA 2012 Honorsnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@contractor.hermanmiller.com Miller’s Commitment to US Manufacturing Produces Three American-Made Accoladesnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Advances Healthcare's Future with Power of Knowledgenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Numbers Again Land Herman Miller on IndustryWeek’s 50 Best U.S. Manufacturersnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Executive Creative Director Named to Fast Company’s List of Most Influential Innovatorsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Continued Momentum Despite Headwinds in the First Quarter of FY2013 noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Receives International and Regional Awards for Sustainability and Community Programsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Healthcare Earns Exclusive Planetree Visionary Design Network Statusnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Named “Corporation of the Year” by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Councilnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Healthcare Partners with MASS Design and Maxima to Improve Treatment Experience in Haitinoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Earns Sixth Consecutive Perfect Score on Corporate Equality Indexnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Wins Contract with U.S. Communities Purchasing Alliancenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq,000 Collectors, 680 Galleries, 2000 Artists, and Herman Miller to Meet in Miami for Art Baselnoemail@noemail.orgkraifo Miller Among Top Brands in Climate Counts’ Sixth Annual Industry Rankingsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Customers Recognized for Excellence in Learning Space Designnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Earns Nightingale Nod for Advancing Healing Spaces Through Designnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Survey of Architects and Designers Identifies Herman Miller as Most Inspiring, Leader in Multiple Product Categoriesnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Strong Order Growth in the Second Quarter of FY2013noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Tops Survey of Architects and Designersnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Asks College Students, ‘What Makes A Learning Space Great?’noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Selected for RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbooknoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller’s Roger Call Elected President of AIA Academy of Architecture for Healthnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Healthcare Drives Sustainability Efforts Forward at WBL’s 12th Annual Summitnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Reports Adjusted Earnings Growth of 23% in the Third Quarter of FY2013noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Showcases Latest Advance in Performance Seating at NeoCon noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Design Week 2013 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Presents Latest Advance in Performance Seating During NY Design Weeknoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Molded Wood Side Chair: Reinventing a Classicnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Sofa Group: Minimalist and Modernnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller's AGL Table Group Elevates Form and Functionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Molded Plastic Chairs Return in a New, More Sustainable Fiberglassnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq 2013 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Showcases Latest Advance in Performance Seating at NeoCon 2013noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller’s AGL Table Group Elevates Form and Functionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Molded Wood Side Chair: Reinventing a Classic at NeoCon 2013noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Noguchi Rudder Table Returns to the Herman Miller Collectionnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Sofa Group at NeoCon: Minimalist and Modernnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Molded Plastic Chairs Return in a New, More Sustainable Fiberglass at NeoCon 2013noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Prescription for Waiting Room Anxietynoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Patients in Control of Cancer Carenoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq’s New Norm: Connecting Power of Space to Patient Satisfactionnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Introduces Living Office™: the Holistic Solution for the New Landscapes of Worknoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Unveils New Elements and Ideas to Serve a Living Office™ at NeoCon 2013 noemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller’s Living Office Sweeps Best of NeoCon 2013 Showroom Recognition; New Designs Score Five Best of NeoCon Awardsnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Captures 2013 Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Treatment Area Designnoemail@noemail.orgrdaicq Miller Announces Acquisition of Maharamnoemail@noemail.orgrsagjy Miller Announces Everywhere in Your Day Interactive Video and Contestnoemail@noemail.orgrsagjy Miller Reports Strong Earnings Growth and Strategic Momentum in the Fourth Quarter of FY2013noemail@noemail.orgrsagjy HUB and Herman Miller Partner to Inspire Connectivity Around the Worldnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Named to 2013 Working Mother 100 Best Companiesnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Reports Significant Operating Margin Expansion in the First Quarter of Fiscal 2014noemail@noemail.orgrrf514 Miller Named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Ten Straight Yearsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Named “Corporation of the Year” by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Councilnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Living Office: A Holistic Solution for the New Landscape of Work noemail@noemail.orgadmin Office Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Earns Seventh Consecutive Perfect Score on Corporate Equality Indexnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller is Brand Leader in Seating, Systems Furniture, Healthcare and Textiles in Survey of Architects and Designersnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Q2 Sales and Earnings In-Line with Guidance; Completes Pension Termination and Announces 12% Dividend Increasenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Named Top Healthcare Brand for Third Consecutive Year in <I>Contract</I> Magazinenoemail@noemail.orgadmin All College Students: Why Does Your Campus Matter?noemail@noemail.orgadmin 2 Chair Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Sells Corporately-Owned Workplace Resource-Montreal to OBI Environmentsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Broad-Based Order Growth in the Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2014noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Healthcare Named One of Novation’s ‘Suppliers of the Year’noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Continues its Commitment to the Environment, Announces New Earthright Strategy noemail@noemail.orgadmin 2014 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Tech and Herman Miller Healthcare Selected for AIA / AAHF Research Grantnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Sells Corporately-Owned Workplace Resource-Oklahoma to John A. Marshall Co.noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Brings Living Office to Life noemail@noemail.orgadmin Herman Miller Collection Presents New & Archival Soft Seating, Occasional Pieces to Bring a Lounge to Life at NeoCon 2014noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Renew, Inviting Movement with the Latest in Sit-to-Stand Tablesnoemail@noemail.orgadmin’s Elegant, Functional New Designs Respond to a Changing Landscape of Work noemail@noemail.orgadmin Healthcare Living Officenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller and Maharam Launch healthcaretextiles.comnoemail@noemail.orgadmin the Landscape of Guest Accommodations within the Patient Roomnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Offers an Expanding Range of Living Office Knowledge, Tools and Designs at NeoCon 2014noemail@noemail.orgadmin Strikes Silver at NeoCon 14 with Palisade Collectionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Office and Herman Miller Healthcare Repeat as Award Winners at NeoCon 2014noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Healthcare Named Premier Legacy Award Winnernoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Offers Insight and Interaction at Design & Health World Congress & Exhibitionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Sales and Order Momentum and Adjusted Earnings Growth in the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2014noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Announces Agreement to Acquire Design Within Reachnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller’s Locale Earns IDEA Gold Award noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Strategic Progress and Improved Momentum in the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2015noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Announces a New Tool for Learning About a Product's Sustainabilitynoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Earns Eighth Consecutive Perfect Score in 2015 Corporate Equality Index, Reflecting Commitment to Leadership in Inclusiveness for All noemail@noemail.orgadmin’s Palisade Collection Captures Best of Show in Nightingale Awards at HCD 14 Conferencenoemail@noemail.orgadmin’s Palisade Collection Wins Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” Award for Healthcare Furniturenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Strong Sales and Earnings Growth in the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2015noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller to Present at Raymond James 36th Annual Institutional Investors Conferencenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Announces Preliminary Sales and Orders for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2015 and Updated Full Year Guidancenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Announces Senior Leadership Promotions and Appointmentsnoemail@noemail.orgrrf514 2015 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Third Quarter Sales and Earnings In-Line With Guidancenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller and Maharam Present Lines, Grid & Blocks by Scholten & Baijingsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Bennett: Making Sense Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller and Geiger Present Ward Bennett: Making Sense with Various Projectsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin 2015 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Presents Parsons Collection, Unifying Spaces with Versatile, Durable Tablesnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Fukasawa Elevates Executive Seating with Saiba for Geiger and the Herman Miller Collectionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Distil Desk and Table by Todd Brachernoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Brings Power to the Public with Reissued Chadwick Modular Seatingnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Launches Metaform Portfolio, Supporting User-Defined Work Settingsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Brings Sit-to-Stand Functionality to High-Density Workspaces with Renew Linknoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Exclave, Performance Gear for Collaboration Spacesnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Purposefully Applies Technology to Living Office Settings at NeoCon 2015noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff Elevate the Human Experience of Care at NeoCon 2015noemail@noemail.orgadmin Presents Elegant and Purposeful Introductions to Support Diverse Modes of Worknoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Presents a Diverse Array of Purposeful Living Office Settings at NeoCon 2015noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Again Recognized for Showroom Design at NeoCon 2015noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2015 Results and Announces Dividend Increasenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2016 Financial Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Design Festival 2015 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Presents Ward Bennett: The Essence of Everythingnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Twelfth Consecutive Yearnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Design Week 2015 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller and Maharam present Alexander Girard: An Uncommon Visionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Wins Best of Competition and Two Gold Nightingale Awards at Healthcare Design 2015 Conferencenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Earns Ninth Consecutive Perfect Score in Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Indexnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller opens new UK manufacturing facility, expands operational footprint in Europe and Middle Eastnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Recognized as a Conservation Champion with Forest Stewardship Council Leadership Awardnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2016 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Earns WorldatWork Work-Life 2016 Seal of Distinctionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin from Herman Miller Wins Gold iF Design Awardnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Featured for 12th Year in RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbooknoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Ode, Poetic Illumination for Any Settingnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2016 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin 2016 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Named 2020 Women on Boards “Winning” Companynoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Presents The Double Dream of Spring by Michael Anastassiadesnoemail@noemail.orgadmin 2016 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Miller, Inc. Opens New York Flagshipnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Introduces New Crosshatch Seating by EOOSnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Offers Meaningful Surroundings at NeoCon 2016noemail@noemail.orgadmin Re-Envisions the Office with Geiger Rhythmnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Chair Expanded into Full Lounge Collection for Geiger and the Herman Miller Collectionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Brings Residential Heritage to Public Spaces with New Classicsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin from Herman Miller Moves Ideas Forwardnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Keyn, Bringing Responsive Comfort to Meeting Chairsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Anastassiades Applies Trademark Elegance to Spot Stools for Herman Millernoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Layers on Comfort with Striad Lounge by Jehs+Laubnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Offers Meaningful Surroundings at NeoCon 2016noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reveals Global Workplace Trends and New Product Introductions at NeoCon 2016noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff Present Individualized Places of Care at NeoCon 2016noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Plex, Modular Lounge Furniture For The Modern Workplacenoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Family of Brands Receives Multiple Awards at NeoCon 2016noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reaches Settlement with Madison Seatingnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2016 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2017 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Named a 2016 Healthiest 100 Workplace in Americanoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Launches New Aeron® Chairnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Partners with General Motors and Green Standards for Landfill-Free Solution to Office Transformationnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Broadens Consumer Reach with New York City Retail Storenoemail@noemail.orgeric_swartout@hermanmiller.com Miller Joins Corporate Partners and Sustainable Brands® to Debut America’s First Sustainable Urban Agrihood in Detroitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Equality Index Names Herman Miller a "Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality" Ten Years in a Rownoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller and Design Firms Across North America Bring Holiday Cheer to 6,000 Children through “We Care”noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2017 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Earns WorldatWork 2017 Seal of Distinctionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Realigns Organizational Structure to Accelerate Strategic Executionnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Featured for 13th Year in RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbooknoemail@noemail.orgadmin 2017 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2017 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin 2017 Press Kitnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces a New Digital System, Connecting Furniture to Help Organizations Improve Workplace Strategy and Employee Wellbeingnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Launches the ColourForm™ Sofa Groupnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Introduces New Executive Chair, the Taper™ Chairnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Introduces Repose™ Sofa for the Comfort of Guestsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Introduces Freestanding, Semi-Circular Prospect™ Portfolionoemail@noemail.orgadmin Introduces Layer Tables™noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Brings Living Office to Life with Suite of Services and Support, Introduces New Products at NeoCon 2017noemail@noemail.orgadmin Miller Reports Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2017 Resultsnoemail@noemail.orgadmin Max De Pree (1924 – 2017)noemail@noemail.orgadmin