Company Timeline


The Herman Miller Furniture Company incorporates, becoming Herman Miller, Inc. The Herman Miller Research Division, which will later become the Herman Miller Research Corporation, opens in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as a wholly owned subsidiary. Its president is inventor and teacher Robert Propst.

Eames walnut stools are introduced.


Herman Miller's textiles and accessories retail shop, the Textiles and Objects Shop (a.k.a. T & O), opens in New York City. It will close in 1967.

The Eames Hang-It-All is discontinued. It will be reintroduced in 1994.


Hugh De Pree, son of D.J., assumes leadership of Herman Miller, Inc., as president and chief executive officer. D.J. becomes chairman of the board.

Eames tandem sling seating is introduced and installed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.


Bob Propst and George Nelson work together on the first prototypes of Action Office 1, a group of freestanding units that will evolve into the Action Office system.

The Eames elliptical table is discontinued. It will be reintroduced in 1994.

The Nelson sling sofa is introduced. Eames dining tables are introduced.


The marshmallow sofa is discontinued. It will be reintroduced in 1999.


With nearly 150 dealers, Herman Miller has expanded its presence to Central and South America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Near East, Scandinavia, and Japan.


The Nelson platform bench is discontinued. It will be reintroduced in 1994.

In Switzerland, Herman Miller introduces the Panton chair, a single-form, completely plastic chair. It will be sold until 1975.


Herman Miller introduces the Action Office system, the world's first open-plan modular system of panels and attaching components. Designed by Robert Propst, AO, as it will come to be called, will revolutionize office design and spawn a whole new industry.

Robert Propst's book, The Office: A Facility Based on Change, is published.

The Eames chaise is introduced.


D.J. De Pree steps down as chairman of the board. Hugh De Pree becomes the new chairman.

Herman Miller, United Kingdom, forms. It has sales and marketing responsibilities throughout the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Eames soft pad chairs are introduced.