Herman Miller Select 2009 Edition

What's In It For You


Product Story

Give your playful side a whirl with this original, exclusive Herman Miller Select 2009 Edition. This collection of three tops was inspired by Charles and Ray Eameses' philosophy of "serious pleasure." Each limited-edition top is crafted from a solid piece of walnut. They're both classic toys and kinetic art.


Sculptural Profile

KleinReid, Brooklyn-based porcelain design boutique, created these tops. Its designers took inspiration for the shapes from the walnut stools Ray Eames designed in 1960.


Serious Fun

As avid toy collectors and designers, Charles and Ray Eames considered playtime productive time. They knew what psychologists have since recognized; the act of play causes the brain to fire in new ways.

Design Story

"Toys are not really as innocent as they look," said Charles Eames. "Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas." Avid toy collectors as well as designers, Charles and Ray Eames had toys lying all around their studio and home.

James Klein and David Reid drew upon much of the Eameses' work in designing the Select 2009 Edition. They were inspired by the Eameses' 1969 short film "Tops," as well as the couple's enormous toy collection. Offering the set of tops in three distinct profiles recalls the stools Ray Eames designed for the Time-Life Building in New York City.