Herman Miller Select 2012 Edition

What's In It for You

Product Story

Distinguishing the individual contributions of a creative duo is difficult, and this is certainly true of Charles and Ray Eames. Yet, it is also true that Ray brought to their creative endeavors a gift for color.

To honor Ray’s contributions on the 100-year anniversary of her birth, we offer the 2012 Select Wire Base Low Table in three bold colors—cobalt blue, red-orange, yellow-gold. These hues were favorites of Ray.

Our exclusive Herman Miller Select 2012 edition features a veneered ash top treated with a rich aniline stain on a correspondingly colored wire base.

Available until March 31, 2013, or until supplies last, the 2012 edition is more than a conversation piece; it is a classic design with near limitless uses around the home and office.


A Little Eames

Any interior can be brightened up with a little Eames, and these small tables bear the hallmarks of classic Eames design—the use of welded wire rods in the base and the beveled edge that reveals the essential material beneath the surface. In the case, that material is 13 layers of Baltic birch plywood, veneered in ash and treated with a rich aniline stain.

The bases consist of two U-shaped steel rods attached to the top, with cross members for added stability, and finished in durable powdercoat.


Small Wonder

The table's compact size and light weight make it easy to move to wherever you need a small, attractive surface. Scatter them around a room or line a few of them up to work like a coffee table. Use them as bedside tables. You can even stack one on top of another to serve as an end table next to a sofa. Anywhere you need a small surface that makes a big statement.

Design Story

The Gift of Color

To her creative endeavors with husband Charles, Ray Eames brought a gift for color, extant from childhood and honed under the tutelage of the abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann. It wasn’t until she began her studies at the Cranbrook Institute of Art that she turned her attention toward design. Once asked about this choice, Ray replied, “I didn’t give up painting, I just changed palettes.”

Welcome Home

The cobalt blue, red-orange, and yellow-gold hues of the 2012 Select edition also adorn the panels that punctuate the exterior of Case Study House #8—designed by Charles and Ray Eames—welcoming guests as they approach the home.

Fantastic Wire

Charles and Ray Eames were always looking for new materials and new ways to create distinctive furniture. In the late 1940s, Charles noted the "fantastic things being made of wire." That fascination led them to experiment with metal wire rods and mesh, and eventually to develop a mass-production technique for simultaneously welding wire rods—an innovation that resulted in many pieces that have become classics of modern design, including wire chairs, plastic chairs with wire bases, storage units, and elliptical tables.