A man smiles while running in white t-shirt and shorts on a path outside near a forest.

Promoting the health and well-being of each member of the Herman Miller community is part of creating a better world. Our expertise and leadership in ergonomics puts us in a position to create healthful and thriving workplaces for ourselves as well as our customers. Health management, walking, and bike-reimbursement programs help us stay fit. We hold ourselves to the highest safety standards and an understanding that all injuries are preventable.

Herman Miller Safety and Sustainability Policy

At Herman Miller, we approach safety and sustainability two ways:

From the top down, we set goals for safety and sustainability and make performance to these goals part of our CEO’s scorecard.

From the bottom up, we empower people with a passion for wellness and responsibility to lead by example and through organized programs.

These approaches meet in the middle, always striving to improve through commitments to:

  • Living, Working, and Being Safe
    Promoting safety knowledge, well-being both at work and at home, and the prevention of injuries and ill health.
  • Being Resource Smart
    Acting on the prevention of pollution, the elimination of all forms of waste, and the efficient use of all resources.
  • Being Eco Inspired
    Advocating for better, more sustainable products with safer material chemistry.
  • Being Community Driven
    Sharing best practices with all stakeholders and going beyond compliance with regulations and other requirements.