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A relaxed lounge setting with Reframe Lounge Chairs in the foreground. A Bevel Sofa sits on a patterned rug in the background.

More than an assemblage of parts, a true collection is unified in meaning. For the Herman Miller Collection, meaning comes from the affinity of our designers and partners to the ideals of George Nelson, creator of the first Herman Miller Collection in 1948. Every design curated into the Collection today—just as designs by Nelson, Eames, and Noguchi were then—must be as purposeful as it is beautiful.

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See how our portfolio of timeless, authored designs brings life to a range of work settings.

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“The collection is to be permanent in the sense it will not be scrapped…for each new ‘trend’ as announced by the style experts. It is designed to grow, not necessarily in size, but in the perfection of its component parts.”

—George Nelson, 1948

Building a Collection

George Nelson’s intro to our 1948 catalog lays out the foundation of the Herman Miller Collection—and the very ethos of Herman Miller.

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