Designed by Leon Ransmeier for Mattiazzi

Mattiazzi Forcina Chair

Two Mattiazzi Forcina Chairs with black stainless steel frames and a natural ash seat and back.

A modern twist on the traditional café chair

Mattiazzi Forcina Chair

The Mattiazzi Forcina Chair takes inspiration from the curvilinear form of a traditional café chair. Similar to a hairpin (“forcina” in Italian), the tubular frame curves above the backrest, forming an easy-to-grip handle. The subtle curve of the sculpted seat and the backrest offers unexpected comfort in this deceptively simple design. Designer Leon Ransmeier conceived the Forcina family of chairs, stools, and tables to meet the needs of hospitality settings and beyond. 

A Mattiazzi Forcina Chair with arms, a black stainless steel frame, and a natural ash seat and back. Viewed at an angle.

“The only way you can create well-designed objects is by experiencing the objects yourself.”

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