Designed by Jasper Morrison for Magis

Magis Air-Chair

Stackable, armless red Magis Air-Chair, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Not your ordinary plastic chair

White armless Magis Air-Chair stacking chair, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Magis Air-Chair

This is no ordinary plastic chair. The air-molding process behind it makes it sturdy and durable. The technology is complex, the result is simple: a high-quality, lightweight, stackable, comfortable chair that looks stylish in all kinds of places, from casual to formal, office to home, indoors and out.

Scatter them across a patio or café, line them up in a dining hall or classroom. The Air-Chair makes it easy for people to pull up a chair and have an impromptu conversation, lunch, or learning experience. Choose the chair with arms or without. Both are available in a variety of fun colors.

“It’s inexpensive, good-looking, and comfortable.”

More about Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison, designer of the Magis Air-Chair stacking chair.