Movement for collaborative spaces

The Keyn Chair Group is an aesthetically versatile collection of meeting and side chairs for collaborative spaces that offers immediate comfort, supports people’s movements and blends into a wide range of environments.


For sitting to be as healthful as possible, people are meant to shift and change positions frequently. Keyn makes this possible by responding to the body’s movements. Its innovative mechanism allows the one-piece seat-and-back shell to slide smoothly and recline up to 10 degrees so that people are encouraged to move naturally and feel comfortable. This sense of ease allows the mind to focus, which can help increase productivity throughout the workday and during meetings.

The polished insides of the shell’s perforated pattern reflect the chair’s colour and add a textural depth, further distinguishing the design and contributing to its lightweight aesthetic. The perforation pattern also provides aeration for the back.

White Keyn side chair with a blue fabric seat, viewed from behind and showing the one-piece perforated shell.
Black Keyn chair with five-star base, viewed from an angle.


A key consideration of forpeople’s design approach was to ensure that each variation of the chair has the same visual appeal. A refined design was achieved based on four key parts: the base, cradle, seat shell and a selection of upholstery options. Keyn’s global availability makes it an appealing choice for customers with locations around the world seeking consistency from site to site.

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Responsive Movement

As you shift and adjust your posture, Keyn responds.


Responsive Movement for Emea and apac

Keyn’s patented CradleFlex movement responds as you shift your position.