A woman moving a grey OE1 Agile Wall with a man sitting on a checkerboard Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair in the background.

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

OE1 Workspace Collection

Optimised Essentials for Agility

OE1 is a collection of optimised, essential pieces for a new era in the workplace. It's designed to help people experiment with space, discover what works in the moment, and change rapidly for the future.

Chair Adjustments

OE1 Increase Agility

Increase Agility at Every Level

OE1 enables agility – for organisations, teams and individuals – by creating flexible, fluid environments that adapt to evolving goals and personal preferences.

Integrate Instantly

Whether you're using individual pieces or the entire collection, OE1 is designed to seamlessly fit into floorplates. Amplify or optimise your existing spaces—or create totally new ones—choosing from a wide variety of configurations and colours.

OE1 Mobile Easels delineate space and create casual meeting areas.

Rethink Real Estate

Scale up, scale down, fine-tune. With its multifunctional designs and mobile elements, OE1 helps organisations optimise their real estate by transforming underutilised areas into agile, hard-working workspaces.

OE1 Workspace Collection Lookbook

Get inspired by ideas for OE1 settings across the office and get design resources to help you plan.

Explore the Lookbook

Product Vocabulary

Sam Hecht & Kim Colin, Product Designers
Read the Design Story

While designing OE1, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin deconstructed the systems approach to office furniture. In the process, they created a collection that’s fresh, agile and ready for action in a changing world of work.

Portrait of designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin in their London studio.

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