Give lounge seating comfort

George Nelson said that he developed the chair “to give lounge seating comfort, together with great freedom of movement”. He succeeded. With its shallow sides and inviting curves, the chair is designed to let you sit in any position and move with surprising and relaxing ease.

Close view of a black leather Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair, highlighting its resemblance to a chunk of coconut.
Profile view of a black leather Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair.

Comfortable, durable materials

Generously padded with a thick, one-piece foam rubber cushion upholstered in supple black leather. The third corner (the one that forms the backrest) is just slightly longer than the two on the sides. That’s where the comfort comes from. The upholstery is moulded into the simple, striking plastic shell, which is lightweight but sturdy. It sits on top of a clean, bent-steel, three-legged base with tough nylon glides.