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People & Work

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When your people succeed, so does your business.

People are the most critical asset to every organisation. So why aren’t more offices designed to support their needs and activities? With Living Office, Herman Miller brings humanity back to the workplace to help your people, and your business, succeed.

A Hive Setting furnished with blue Mirra 2 Chairs and Locale sit-to-stand desks.

Providing a Better Work Experience

The offices many people work in today were designed to support processes and technology from another era. We see the potential for a new kind of office, one designed around the latest understanding of people, the work they are doing now, and the tools they need to succeed. This is a place where people will work not because they have to, but because they want to.

In this illustration, a woman sits in an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman and pets a dog.

Everybody’s human

Through research, Herman Miller identified six fundamental needs that all people share: security, autonomy, belonging, achievement, status and purpose. Living Office is designed to harness our innate motivations to fulfil these needs; it's a place where every element feels right.

An illustration of a Plaza Setting in an office landscape. A woman carries a purple yoga mat. A man lounges on a brown Tuxedo Sofa.

Everybody’s different

By recognising that individuals and organisations have their own unique purpose, character and activities, Living Office transforms the workplace into a powerful instrument that expresses an organisation's unique culture and furthers its unique ambitions.

Living Office

Design Is for People

Can Public increase the flow of ideas among people? A top design firm finds out.

Good for people, great for business

Living Office transforms places into business assets by helping people work better. See how this happened for Harry’s, a men’s grooming company.

Case Studies

Case Study: Harry's - Efficiency

Adding structure to the Harry's office helped employees be more comfortable and efficient.


Efficiency Upgrade

With settings tailored to the various tasks people do throughout the day, Harry’s employees are able to work faster and more effectively.

Case Studies

Case Study: Harry's - Knowledge

Learn how changing the make-up of the Harry’s office space led to more knowledge sharing and better get-togethers.


Better Get Togethers

In Harry’s new office, people have a choice of settings where they can share concepts and work together to bring them to life.

Case Studies

Case Study: Harry's - Brand

See how a new office supports the Harry's brand.


On Brand, On Purpose

Harry’s Living Office projects a clear image of what the company is all about; it’s a place anyone would be proud to work.

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From profit to prosperity

Define what success means to you.
Living Office will help you achieve it.
Happiness. Well-being. Engagement. Connection. In today’s world of work, success is more than monetary, and is increasingly seen in human terms. By helping fulfil the fundamental needs of individuals and organisations , Living Office not only helps deliver greater profits, but also prosperity for all.