Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazzi

Mattiazzi Clerici Lounge Seating

A Mattiazzi Clerici armchair with a light wood finish, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Seating composed of a lovely interplay of wood planks and voids

A Mattiazzi Clerici two-seat bench with orange cushions and a light wood finish, viewed from the side.

Mattiazzi Clerici Lounge Seating

Clerici combines the clean industrial aesthetic of Munich-based designer Konstantin Grcic with Mattiazzi’s superlative craftsmanship in wood. This lounge group offers an armchair, a two-seat, and a three-seat bench. Slender and sparse, Grcic deconstructs the traditional form of a seat with a lovely interplay of wood planks and voids. High armrests extend around the back to create the essential frame, while the lack of a full back or sides lend an understated lightness to the design. A slight slope in the seat invites you to slip in a moment of rest. Ideal for welcoming and transitional areas, Clerici makes a striking statement.

“I was looking for a distinct grammar for my design, a language that would express the characteristics of wood.”

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