Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazzi

Mattiazzi Medici Seating Outdoor

An angled view of a wood Mattiazzi Medici outdoor chair in a medium finish.

A contemporary interpretation of the classic Adirondack chair

A wood Mattiazzi Medici outdoor chair in a medium finish, viewed from the front.

Mattiazzi Medici Seating Outdoor

The low-slung Medici Chair has generous dimensions and armrests that beckon one to sit and be embraced by the chair’s surprising comfort. To accompany the single-seat chair, a wing-shaped matching ottoman encourages relaxation. The Medici Bench offers the same comfort in a two-seat configuration. Medici was inspired by its most essential component—wood. Mattiazzi, masters of crafting beautiful pieces of wood furniture, worked with designer Konstantin Grcic to develop this seating family. Medici’s design is a love song to the material, the machinery, and the craftspeople integral to the woodworking process. Says Grcic, “I like the idea of wood cut into planks, which is how it is processed in the first place: the tree sliced into planks.”

Hence the gorgeous geometry of Medici’s wood planks, which converge at angles both conducive to relaxing and pleasing to the eye. A thermo-oiled finish on ash for the outdoor version employs a new process of heat-treating and hand-oiling that seals the wood and keeps it moisture resistant, making the chair, bench, and ottoman elegant choices for poolside lounging or patio gatherings.

“I was looking for a distinct grammar for my design, a language that would express the characteristics of wood.”

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