Designed by Leon Ransmeier

Mattiazzi Chiaro Stool

Profile and front views of two black Mattiazzi Chiaro Stools.

Playful, familiar, and comfortable

Black Mattiazzi Chiaro Stool, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Mattiazzi Chiaro Stool

Adding to the family of Chiaro, an everyday stacking chair, Mattiazzi and designer Leon Ransmeier present the Chiaro Stool. Like its chair counterpart, the design of the Chiaro Stool is distilled down to the essence of what a stool should be—familiar, comfortable, and beautiful, an idea that is evident in its simple construction and joinery. While its extended height allows you to enjoy the design’s elegant symmetry in more settings, the back provides essential support often lacking in the category of stools. Available in several cheerful colors, and now a variation in height and posture, Chiaro instills a diversity and playfulness in every space it sits in.

“Use follows form.”

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