Apparent design

Designers Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows describe the design of Layer Tables as “naked.” The distinctive cross-bracing is exposed through the glass top. This minimal structure provides the basis of the design, which can be built up in layers of storage.

A rectangular Layer occasional table with a glass top and distinctive cross-bracing below.
A Layer glass top occasional table with a dark wood lower shelf.

Soft and sensual

Layer Tables have no hard edges; all corners have a soft corner radius—including those of the glass tops. Even the structural metal pieces are cylindrical. These subtle touches enhance the tables’ sensuality—a signature quality of every BassamFellows design.

Essential materiality

BassamFellows carefully considered the heft of materials used in Layer Tables. Visually heavy materials such as stone and wood are cut thicker than standard. Visually lighter materials such as glass achieve an exquisite thinness. Natural finishes celebrate each material’s essential qualities.

A Layer occasional table with a thin glass top and a thick light wood lower shelf.
Product Design Firm BassamFellows

“Our design process always starts with one central idea. In this case, the idea was layering.”

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