Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk

Canvas Beam

A Canvas Beam workstation with black storage and black Sayl office chairs.

Power, uninterrupted

Canvas Beam is a full-length route that provides power and data to devices in benching applications—all without taking up much space. The streamlined design gives people cord-free surfaces for work and easy access to outlets and ports. Choose from complementary materials that harmonize with the rest of the Canvas Office Landscape.

A Canvas Beam setting with dividing screen and light blue Cosm office chairs.

Go to Any Length

Add length to Canvas Beam or change it out easily when the need arises. This route of power and data makes efficient use of space—especially in workplaces light on square footage.

A collaboration setting with Canvas Beam project table in white, desk lights, and black Sayl office chairs.

Keep Your Options Open

With extensive material and size choices, you can tailor a space to the unique personality or needs of a team.

A collaboration setting with Canvas Beam project table and cream Eames office chairs, with a Canvas Dock setting nearby.

Stay the Course

Canvas Beam’s versatile design gives people a seamless work surface with convenient access to power. Its efficient design runs power to the entire surface, so people can sit anywhere along the line to plug in and connect.


Work surfaces, storage, boundaries, and more. See what makes up Canvas Beam.

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Canvas Lookbook

Get inspired by ideas for Canvas Beam in different types of settings, and get design resources to help you plan.

Collaborative Workspaces

Setting 3

A casual collaboration space for teamwork and gathering together

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Small Workstations

Setting 3

A high-density workspace with visual boundaries to aid focus and plenty of personal storage

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Office Workstations for Everyone

See how Canvas Office Landscape can work for you.

Meet the Family

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Canvas Office Landscape

See how Canvas Office Landscape can work for you.

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